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Buying resale HDB flat? There are total 14 important steps. Engage an reliable agent and he / she can help you.

1) Check Your Eligibility to Buy A Resale Flat
2)Calculate Your Finances *dont have a banker ? Let me know I can find 1 for you*
3)Choose the Type of Loan
4)Register Your Intent to Buy
5)Decide If You Want to Engage a Property Agent.(A property agent will handle the relevant paperwork involved and help you plan your finances)
6) Go for House Viewings
7)Negotiate and Make an Offer
8)Request for Option to Purchase (OTP) From the Seller
9)Submit Request for Valuation
10)Pay the Option Exercise Fee
11)Submit Resale Application
12)Endorse Resale Documents
13)Confirmation of the Resals Application by HDB
14)Attend Resale Completion Appointment

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