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Good day, thanks for visiting my website.

My name is Steve Voon.. Your trustworthy professional real estate agent.

I am digital realtor who leverages on digital marketing to expand outreach and maximize resources.

I love meeting new people and interacting with people from different backgrounds.

I assist clients in buying and selling their property in the shortest time possible through the use of effective and proven strategy.

As a professional real estate agent. I am determined to work towards my client’s best interest and achieve their financial goals through real estate. I love to study property research and do analysis on current market trend. With my strengths and industry knowledge, I believe I can add value to my clients through the journey of asset progression, property investment, legacy planning and wealth accumulation through real estate.

I constantly equip myself with the latest property market trends, relevant real estate investment knowledge and technology skills.  

My focus and expertise in property segment enables me to share market analysis and trends to assist clients to make informed decision on their home selection and sale.

In my real estate career, I have successfully helped my clients upgrade from HDB to private condo and achieved the highest record-breaking sales price. I’m actively focused on all kinds of residential sales & purchase and new launches in Singapore.

Whether you are selling your property, looking for an investment property or buying your first property, I believe I can be your trusted professional real estate agent.

I'm also a  Landed Specialist with Eminence Landed Team, one of the top landed team in Singapore, I am passionate about people and property. My dedication and commitment to all my clients’ best interest is unwavering promise. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or rent, I am here for everything you need. 

What can I do for you?

✔Sale and Purchase of all kind of residential properties

✔New launches & projects analysis

✔Property Investment consultation

✔Property portfolio review & restructure

✔Asset progression

✔Financial calculation

✔Timeline planning

✔Property valuation & financing advice

Feel free to speak to me, call or whatsapp me @ +65 8322 0341 to schedule an appointment. with me

I speak English, Mandarin,  Malay and Cantonese


Your sincerely,

Steve Voon (温健成)

Never Stop On Adding Value To Client.


​Mobile / Whatsapp: +65 8322 0341


A Trustworthy and Reliable Estate Agent
Your Trusted Property Realtor

Tips for new buyer

Requirement to Pay BSD (Buyer Stamp Duty).      What It Is and How Much to Pay ???

As a buyer, you’re not just factoring in the cost of the property itself. You’ll also need to work out how much the associated taxes will cost. These taxes are known as buyer stamp duties, and are payable to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). Stamp duties are taxes on documents related to either the purchase or lease of a property. If you’re purchasing residential property in Singapore, these properties are almost always subject to stamp duties, with the occasional rare exemption. 

Buyer’s Stamp Duty, or BSD for short, is a tax levied on all purchases of property, even HDB flats, within Singapore. This tax applies only to the buyer.

The amount of BSD you have to pay depends on whichever is the higher of the following:

  • Purchase price of the property (as stated in the signed sale and purchase agreement)

  • Market value of the property (based on the property’s valuation reports)

Even if you manage to negotiate a condo unit valued at $2 million down to $1.8 million, your BSD rate will still be calculated based on the original $2 million, since it’s the higher of the two amounts.

It’s an offence to use a document that hasn’t had its stamp duties paid, and should you ever find yourself in court over any property disagreements, only documents that have had their stamp duties paid will be accepted as evidence. Below will be the guide for BSD for properties bought on or after 20th February 2018


He can handle all kind of real estate transaction

The Estate Agent that YOU CAN TRUST!!

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